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This document is created for the student group videos made by ELEC305 Spring 2017 class taught be professor Gary Woods. 


Part I: The source master files

The videos turned in by the students will serve as the master source files. There are total 8 of them, 7 mp4 files and 1 mov file. See below for the codecs and media container used in these 8 files. Amazingly, all the 7 mp4 files have the same encoding settings. Since the student videos have already used the standard H264 as video encoder and aac as audio encoder, we will leave the source master file as is. 


Here is the specs for the original seven mp4 files: 1280x720 HD and 30fps, a four minutes long video is about 60 MB in file size .

  • 00:04:19 (4 minutes 19 seconds)

  • 60.6 MB 

Here is the specs for the one original mov files: 640x480 HD and 29.97fps, a five minutes long video is about 280 MB in file size .

  • 00:04:59 (4 minutes 59 seconds)

  • 285.6 MB 




Part II: The access files in IR


The specs were developed with HandBrake 0.9.9 for Mac.


  • resolution 1280x720

  • fps is the same as source

  • check constant frame rate - for better compatibility.   

  • average bit rate 2400 kpbs - for a smaller file size and better quality.

  • check 2 pass encoding  - for better encoding quality although it takes longer.

  • check keep aspect ratio 

  • Change Anamorphic to None (this feature is more suited to DVD ripping/ or digitized analog videos such as 720x480) 

  • audio - same sample rate 48KHz, 128kbps




Encoded file based on the above specs:

  • 00:04:19 (4 minutes 19 seconds)

  • 81.3 MB

Note: The only mov file was converted to mp4 using the above same settings. Here is the specs on the converted file which is exactly what we are looking for. And the video's aspect ratio is correct after conversion. 



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