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Fondren DOI Services

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In fall 2017, Fondren Library became a member of DataCite, an international non-profit organization that provides digital object identifiers (DOIs) for research data and other publications.


What is a DOI?


A digital object identifier (DOI) is a persistent and unique identifier of an object. It permanently identifies content and related metadata for an object over the course of its lifecycle. DOI names resolve to web locations where the objects they describe can be found. Information about a digital object may change over time, including where to find it and who owns it, but its DOI will not change.


The DOI is the most widely used naming standard for digital resources in the publishing world. DOI is an ISO International Standard and more than 120 million DOIs have been assigned worldwide.


Benefits of a DOI include greater discoverability and access to uniquely identified content, accessibility for long-term use and citation of publications and research data for impact analysis.


Additional information about DOIs can be found at libguides.rice.edu/DOI and https://datacite.readme.io/docs/doi-basics.


Fondren DOI Services


Fondren is able to facilitate the assignment of DOIs for a variety of different resources on university-managed platforms.


Fondren covers the annual DataCite membership fee and the creation of up to 10,000 DOIs annually. Fondren can facilitate DOI assignment to content in library-managed repositories (e.g., Rice Digital Scholarship Archive) and other university-managed platforms that are committed to long-term preservation and access. Because DOIs resolve to an existing URL, it is important that the host site remain active and updated and that the content does not change over time.

Additional information about the library’s DataCite membership and DOI assignment program can be found in the Fondren DOI Management Guide.


Small-Scale DOI Assignment


Rice Digital Scholarship Archive


Although DSpace supports integration of the DataCite API, Fondren currently does not use it because it will assign DOIs to all content added to the archive. However, the library can accommodate requests for DOI assignment to individual items. Instructions for assigning DOIs to RDSA content can be found here (login required).


DOIs can be assigned to any type of content, including datasets, theses and dissertations, white papers, technical reports, etc. If possible, the content should not have previously been assigned a DOI (e.g., via publication in a journal).


After the DOI is assigned, it is added to the item’s metadata via dc.identifier.doi. The DOI resolves to the RDSA handle.


Examples of content assigned DOIs in the RDSA:



Other University-Managed Platforms


Although Fondren prefers to assign DOIs to content managed by Rice groups with a commitment to preservation and access---such as the Rice Digital Scholarship Archive--we do recognize that there are other campus-run platforms that may be more appropriate for certain types of publications. Fondren will consider requests to assign DOIs to content on other campus-managed platforms on a case-by-case basis. Individuals/groups should commit to ensuring that there is long-term preservation and access to the content and agree that the library be notified if the content is moved/removed. Copies of correspondence regarding assignment of such DOIs can be found in Rice Box (login required).


This option is appropriate for groups on campus who only want to assign a DOI to one item or who assign DOIs to content on an occasional basis and do not want to manage their own DOI assignment.


The workflow for assigning DOIs to content on university-managed platforms can be found here (login required).


Examples of DOIs assigned to non-library-managed content:



Large-scale DOI Assignment


Groups on campus seeking to mint and manage their own DOIs may request that they become a DataCite “client” (formerly “data centers”).  As a client, groups can assign a unique DOI to their content and integrate the DataCite API into their systems.


Steps for setting up clients in DataCite can be found here (login required)


Clients are responsible for all activities related to the creation and management of DOIs, including:

  • Manage client DataCite account, which is separate from Fondren Library account.
  • Determine DOI suffix schema and manage assignment. 
  • If applicable, set up and maintain DataCite API configuration with local systems.
  • Provide, at a minimum, DataCite required metadata for all items assigned DOIs.
  • Certify that all metadata provided is accurate.
  • Certify that the client is allowed to share this metadata with DataCite.
  • Take full responsibility for maintaining stable access to resources.


A complete list of client responsibilities can be found here. 


Additional information for data centers can be found at DataCite’s New Data Center's Reading List


DataCite client example:




DOI Auditing


Fondren staff will periodically check that all DOIs created via Fondren’s DataCite membership are active and will notify individuals/groups if any issues are identified. If necessary, the library will work with individuals/groups that have assigned DOIs to content on platforms not managed by Fondren to develop a plan for long-term preservation and access (e.g., migrating content to Rice Digital Scholarship Archive).








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