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Software Notes

DROID can perform identification of file formats. Formats are based on PUIDs (Persistent Unique Identifiers). One benefit of PUIDs is it provides the version of a format, for example Acrobat PDF 1.6 - Portable Document Format. See PRONOM technical registry for complete list of formats supported.


Droid user guide: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documents/information-management/droid-user-guide.pdf




To show MD5 select Tools > Preferences > Profile Defaults > Check box next to Generate hash for each file



Generate Report


  1. Press Add button
  2. Navigate to folder of files; check box next to Include sub-folders and press OK



3.  Press Start Button

This may take some time depending on the number of files. For large collections (over hundreds of files) recommend running report overnight.

Adjust the throttle to increase speed and see status of report at bottom of screen



4. Review files

    • Formats should match project parameters
    • Confirm file extension is not mis matched. Values for field EXTENSION_MISMATCH should be FALSE


Export Report


1  Output report as CSV file by pressing the Export Button



2.  At export profile window:

    • select profile to export

    • one row per file,

    • encoding set to UTF 8

    • and press Export Profiles button




3.  Enter filename with CSV as extension (e.g. sallyport-droid.CSV) and save to desired location



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