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Isilon Storage

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Effective late 2018

Update November 2019


Fondren library uses the Isilon Storage server to store locally curated digital content. Isilon is provided by Rice's Office of Information Technology (OIT).  For more details on this service please see OIT's Research Data Facility page (via confluence; staff log in required).


The Isilon server stores all content found at Rice's institutional repository (https://scholarship.rice.edu/) , local backup of Vireo data (Rice's online thesis submission system, thesis.rice.edu) and various “dark archival” digital content.


Note: The dark archive contains material that is prohibited from public access and or high resolution files (such as video) that are too large (cost prohibitive) to store in DSpace and preserved via Duracloud service.


Fondren  Isilon Share

The DSS research folder is divided into 4 folders. Access to DSS-Fondren Isilon shared drive is restricted to DSS and WRC staff. Only programmers have access to the DSpace folder.


Backup Description

Isilon is backed up to amazon glacier (account managed by CRC)


Frequency and duration:

  • 30 day incremental snapshots -- this is for quick recovery of accidentally deleted, overwritten, or otherwise mangled files.
  • weekly incremental backups
  • full backup every 3 months, which we would like to retain for 6 months (until the next full backup) -- This is for off campus disaster recovery in case of server or data center failure, as well as recovery of data older than the snapshot window but not as old as the duracloud backups.

Reporting / confirmation

On quarterly basis, will test a restore for a small sampling of files (to be determined by WRC and DSS staff) and compare checksums to confirm back up is working as expected. (UPDATE: sample testing to begin Nov 2019)


Commvault administrators email a summary weekly report that provides a succeeded vs failed status at top directory level.


Storage Limitations

A potential ceiling max of 150 TBs, but if any single load of 50-60TBs please inform OIT staff


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