Fondren Library creates DOIs through DataCite. DataCite ( is an international non-profit organization that provides DOIs to research data and other types of digital scholarship. DataCite helps to facilitate the creation and allocation of DOIs and related metadata and helps to promote data discovery and citation.


As a DataCite member ("Provider"), Fondren Library covers the annual DataCite membership fee and the creation of up to 10,000 DOIs annually. Fondren can facilitate DOI assignment to content in library-managed repositories (e.g., Rice Digital Scholarship Archive) and other university-managed platforms that are committed to long-term preservation and access.

Those groups on campus seeking to mint and manage their own DOIs may request that they become a "client" (formerly "data center"). As a client, groups can assign a unique DOI to their content and integrate the DataCite API into their systems. Clients are asked to  cover the annual cost Fondren pays for additional data centers and agree to follow the guidelines listed below. For additional information about becoming a client, please contact Digital Scholarship Services at


Client (formerly "data center") responsibilities:


Fondren Library responsibilities: