Kinder Institute Publications: Deposit and Metadata Guidelines

These deposit and metadata guidelines are specific to the Kinder Institute Publications project. Kinder Institute staff provide files and metadata via Rice Box to DSS staff for deposit in the Rice Digital Scholarship Archive.





Name, as it appears on the resource. Do not change punctuation and capitalization. Format: "Last Name, First Name" If there are multiple authors, separate by semi-colon.



Rice University Kinder Institute for Urban Research

Date originally published/created. Often, use just the year, but sometimes---especially for presentations--the full date is preferred. If using full date use format YYYY-MM-DD.


dc.description (optional)

Descriptive text of item if an abstract is not available.



Used if an abstract is available.



Link to publication on Kinder Institute website, if available



The 3-character language code for text-based resources.

Example: eng


If a resource is in a language other than English you can look up the 3-character code: ISO 369 (B) Code (alpha-3 code)



Title of document, as it appears on the resource (including subtitles). Do not change punctuation and capitalization. Check that symbols appear correctly. If copying and pasting from pdf creates problems, first paste to Word document and then copy and paste.



Type of document. Usually “Presentation” or “Report.”



The general content type of resource. Usually “Text.”



Copyright or reuse information. Typically copied from what is printed on document.

The file name of the document, excluding the extension (e.g., .pdf). File names should not include spaces or unusual characters (e.g., #, $, %, etc.).



DataCite assigned DOI. Use full link, including "https://"