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Mass Digitization Collaborative Program

Page history last edited by Monica 12 years, 11 months ago

Please see announcement for general information on this digitization program, or for sharing info with potential contributors



  • LYRASIS sponsored  mass digitization program that is very affordable but is conditional to only bound, printed text materials.  (Sloan Foundation grant funded )

  • Initial materials selected by Centennial Celebration committee (Rice history, expanding to local history)

  • Digitized materials also housed locally within the Rice Digital Scholarship Archive (http://scholarship.rice.edu/) for preservation purposes

  • Digitization specifications: Master jpeg2000 files of pages, OCR'd PDFs plus more; basic metadata taken from catalog. Bound copies can be split for digital display.
  • Members: Amanda, Debra, Jenn, Monica, Ying




see books online at http://www.archive.org/details/riceuniversity

current stats: 421 total items (approx 45K pages)


Batch I

104 items (approx 30K pages)



Batch II

mpr update as of 28-Jun-2011: All files downloaded from IA, pending ingest to IR (target date early August)

 255 items (approx 9.6K pages)

  • See title list at \\fonlibstor.rice.edu\Projects\Centennial\workingPapers\Batch02\WonderfetchBatch 2.xlsx
  • Architecture at Rice series (only a selection from  AatR series were digitized as a number of issues still remain under copyright by publishers or photographers) 

  • Friends of Fondren - Flyleaf publications (circa 4,000 pages) -- items to be placed in new collection under the Fondren community
  • Presidents' Annual Reports : 1961-1998 are in 4 bound volumes with 37 annual reports, appropriate for digitization in terms of content. --  items to be placed in existing collection "History of Rice University" @ http://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/35948
  • 2 books : "Mathematics Faculty Publications" @ http://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/17014


Batch III

62 items (approx 5K plus page)


Pending or possible future works:

  • Yearbooks (early years) - no definite response yet as of 3/7/2011 | Issues with privacy concerns -- On Hold
  • Note: preliminary yearbook metadata has been created




general steps

  • Material Selection and build awareness of program:
    • Create talking points for reference and content development librarians - Team - DONE
    • Create podcast - Debra/Monica - POSTPONED
    • Discuss program at CMDC - Amanda/Jenn - DONE
    • Discuss program at Staff Advisory - Debra
    • Discuss ideas with Rice Historian  - DONE
  • Metadata
    • transform metadata from pre-existing catalog records or create basic info for both IA wonderfetch and IR's QDC format 
  • Preparing materials
    • Conduct physical review materials to note any scanning issues and add notes to wonderfetch spreadsheet. Issues may include: loose covers/pages, any pull outs, inserts or oversized pages; torn or fragile pages may need preservation treatment prior to sending out.
  • Digitized materials are harvested from IA, stored locally and ingested to IR



Other documentation located on FonLibStor : Centennial folder

  • Metadata for Internet Archive, see template and instructions found @ \Centennial\Lyrasis\[Wonderfetch TemplateSample.xlsx]Wonderfetch Key
    • FOR IA Metdata example (Batch 1) SEE file @ Centennial\Lyrasis\returns16JUN2010.xlsx
    • Metadata re: volume numbers treated differently for IA than local/DC 
  • Preparing materials for scanning and selection, see \Centennial\Lyrasis\MDC Procedures Details 100322.pdf
  • Metadata crosswalk between IA wonderfetch and local Dublin core qualified (DSpace), see \Centennial\workingPapers\[metadata_crosswalk.xlsx]Notes&Map 
  • Lyrasis Digital Book Scanning Request/Attribution Form, see \Centennial\Lyrasis\LyrasisReqAttribution Instructions and Form Rice 2010May.docx


future work:

  • Enter links in Fondren catalog for both IA and IR urls. For Batch 1 materials, see tab in spreadsheet: \Centennial\workingPapers\[metadata_dublinCore.xlsx]Fondren Catalog Rcd  -- Jenn 


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