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Create access versions: GIF and JPEG files



The following guidelines based on IrfanView (http://www.irfanview.com/) software:


Create GIF images at a size of 96 pixel height

  1. Lauch IrfanView software
  2. Go to File> Batch Conversion
  3. Select the files to be converted (from “look in” box to “Input Files” box)
  4. Designate an output folder (for instance, a folder called images).
  5. Make sure that “Work as Batch Conversion” is selected.
  6. Select GIF as the output format.
  7. Select output directory to project folder (eg fonlibstor\projectFolder\derivatives\)





8. Select “Use advanced Options.”

      • Set the height of the GIF to 96 pixels.

      • Select preserve aspect ratio



9. Select “Use Options.”

      • Select “keep original data boxes”



















10. Press Start Batch


Create JPG images


  1. Using IrfanView software, follow the same process used to create GIFs, except:

    • Select create JPG as the output type


  1. Select “Advanced Options.” Under “Set New Size” set the long side to 1024 pixels.



  1. Press Start Batch







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