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Quality control checks

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Overall looking for accuracy (adherence to technical specs), completeness and consistency.  A general practice is for the person conducting the quality review not to be the same person who performed the actual scanning as this helps to have a fresh set of eyes when reviewing details. Another approach is to wait a reasonable period between scanning work and QC review.


Check list

  • File format is Tiff

  • Resolution is set at min. of 300 ppi

  • Scanned at 24 bit depth

  • AdobeRGB1998 color profile1 2 

  • Validate that all pages are turned to their proper orientation

  • Scanned the entire page with edges (a uniform border should be visible around entire page - use black background paper)

  • Scanned dimensions closely match actual size of the original and consistent size across all pages in the digital object

  • Scanned the complete document including blank pages, reverse side of pages, front and back matter, hard covers, spine, etc.

    • the only exception would be newsclippings which are almost always photocopied and blank on the back.

  • Ensure that no cropping of page text has occurred 

  • Visually check that no distortion or blemishes obscure the legibility due to photo processing (i.e. that a blemish is not part of the original text and or any glare from protective covering is minimized)

  • Confirm page sequence matches original and filenames have been properly applied (eg wrcXXXXX_XXX)

  • Perform visual comparison of digitized images with original document, checking for any missing or mislabeled pages 

  • (optional for Flat Bed scanning) Open a random page from each object in Photoshop, and visually confirm overall tone and color matches original. Should confirm image is in focus by viewing at a resolution view of 50-100%

  • For graphical images: Embed copyright statement (or any other descriptive or identifying metadata) in the original tiff file. This can be done at time of scan (if equipment software allows) or batch processed post scan


    • Copyright : This image is in the public domain. Please contact the Woodson Research Center at woodson@rice.edu for questions regarding publication or access to high quality master files 
    • Description : Survey of Rice Institute 1st Engineering class 1917, 3/2/11, 9:47 AM,  8C, 8112x10929 (523+914), 117%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/20 s, R78.9, G61.4, B94.0
      Rice University; digitized by Rice University
      • note: the camera data shown in this example was generated by image capture process (starting after first comma)




(1) Note on color management - use AdobeRGB1998 color profile ( since using flat bed scanner and monitor calibration may not be feasible. Recommend using a standard ICC to maintain consistent color throughout images )




Additional reading


Benchmark for Faithful Digital Reproductions of Monographs and Serials. Digital Library Federation. Version 1. (December 2002)  http://old.diglib.org/standards/bmarkfin.htm (download PDF)


Minimum Digitization Capture Recommendations  (Draft).  Association for Library Collections and Technical Services Preservation and Reformatting Section (2012) http://connect.ala.org/node/185648


Digital Records: Digitised Image Specification. UK National Archives. (4 April 2011) http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documents/information-management/digitisation-image-specification.pdf  (see page 11+ for specs for other source documents -- e.g. transparencies)


A Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections. URL: http://framework.niso.org



Digital Imaging Tutorial - Quality Control Cornell Library


Example of QC issues


Quality Assurance - Image Defects. Stanford University Libraries



Quality in HathiTrust. (See sections: Types of Problems and Outlook for Correction and Appendix: Error Examples.)



Local scanning examples



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