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Axson 18th British Drama

Page history last edited by Monica 7 years, 11 months ago



  • For description of the Stockton Axson Collection of 18th century British drama see more info at Woodson blog entry
  • online collection at IR -- contains PDFs and future enhancements such as clean text versions and richer metadata
  • online collection at IA -- contains multiple file formats including online book viewer, epub, kindle, and more




  • 62 titles,  plays selected by Michael Gavin
  • all selected titles have been digitized through the Lyrass MDP / Internet Archive. there are approx 5K+ pages. Plan is to use 12-13 titles in Fall 2011 course
  • Additional digitization work: send out page images for clean transcription (text conversion cost for all 62 titles: aprox. $2,400)
  • no TEI for the course; (initial plans including converting plain text to TEI but determined to be outside scope as TEI not part of course and long term maintenance concerns)
  • Coursework will include creating Omeka exhibits
  • Enhanced metadata desired for  performance history of works, known cast members, publishers and relations between plays, etc. Michael to work with Jenn on additional qualified dc metadata fields to be included in the IR
  • Course work will include having  students research and collect data on 50-60 works (per student) from larger collection (perhaps not just items that are online) 


Collection organization

  • All items to contain 3 files: OCR’d PDF, cleaned up simple text (*.txt) and MODS/XML
  • Metadata matches basic Fondren catalog info



To ensure consistency of digital resources and sustainability of collection, any future additions can be easily reproduced to the same specs as existing items by library staff.  Providing both the enchanced bibliographic data ( ESTC based metadata  in MODS/XML format) and the cleaned up plain text files (double keyed transcription from page images)  supports enabling re-use or re-purpose of the digital resources.


  • example record : All for love: or, The world well lost. A tragedy as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal; and written in imitation of Shakespeare's stile. By John Dryden, servant to His Majesty



  • all digital files have been downloaded from IA to the fonlibstor
  • Initial ingest PDFs with basic metadata (pulled from catalog records) was completed over summer. this was a necessary pre-step for harvesting PDFs to Omeka and allow folks to preview configuration of data and interface during the summer).
  • Clean Text Versions - all texts have been received from Vendor
    • Please note that to view these text without garbled characters, must use text viewer that supports Unicode (UTF-8)
      • Wordpad does not appear to support the Unicode (UTF-8) entities.
      • open the TEXT files in MS-Word in Unicode (UTF-8) mode or 
      • Notepad or Notepad++ (open source application) to view these files.
      • If using Open Office, select character set Unicode (UTF-8)
      • Instructions on how to open txt files using utf8  
    • Need to ingest these texts into IR . Monica to prepare text for ingest - Complete
  • Omeka - complete
    • all PDFs have been ingest to omeka workspace.
    • Amanda is to give a presentation to Mike's class mid-October. Plan is for students to finalize exhibits by Thanksgiving. Permanent url to the exhibit will be available at that time
    • Exhibit will include jpegs of some page images (such as title pages). Mike will make selections
  • Metadata
    • Initial metadata based on pre-existing catalog records
    • Additional qualified elements have been defined. These will need to be added to the IR metadata repository
    • The plan is to update the IR (in a batch process) at the end of the semester or before the Spring term. Once information from student's work has been reviewed and approved by Mike
  • Updates Fall, 2012
    • Long term scholarly plans (2-5years) build TEI documents / database
    • Interim plans:
      • create ESTC/local records - Mike
      • prepare MODS/XML versions for future repurpose (e.g. transformation to TEI headers)- Jenn
      • Documentation: Application profile (MODS) for Axson collection items - Jenn




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