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Real to Real reformatting project (Shepherd)

Page history last edited by Jenn Miller 9 years, 5 months ago

Project Status Notes


Latest version of records (prior to this last metadata/file quality check) are on the live DSpace instance (http://scholarship.rice.edu)

Shepherd School of Music (in DSpace)


Metadata QC issues and notes

Shepherd new issues Google Doc (might transfer this into the wiki)

Shepherd DSpace Issues: Google Spreadsheet



Final metadata and quality check notes

May 26, 2011     Met to discuss next steps--Jenn, Keith, Mary

Generate list containing 1 out of every 10 performances, for QC checking at detailed level (audio files, pdfs, metadata, structure)

     might change this to 1 out of 20 if it looks too daunting

     records to check at a detailed level are highlighted in pink and are located in the QC- Programs tab of the spreadsheet



     checking back on flagged errors from spreadsheet to make sure they are now fixed (all bright green flags have been checked and I have added notes if there were any further problems--KOC)

     briefly review subjects (this portion is complete and all corrections made to XML--KOC)


     browse through Authors, look for diacritics, spelling, capitalization, etc.


     update wiki and/or application profile for any changes to metadata guide, etc.

     Jenn (or team) will check pdf order

     check that we can copy/paste from Connexion/other LCNAF source into Oxygen without losing diacritics and non-Roman characters

          looks fine  JDM 6/20/2011


Notes from emails, previous conversations

Programmers will be adding Subjects to simple item view

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