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To share highlights from conferences on general topics of digital media,  IR and scholarly communications


tip: Please use the name of conference and date attended as header. Can provide brief bullets here or create linked to separate page for more details.


Data Curation Profiles (DCP) Workshop

Austin, Texas: October 3, 2011 

Workshop Instructor: Jake Carlson, Purdue University Libraries

Workshop Description

  • Overview: DCP is basically a needs assessment methodology with a structured toolkit (series of recommended questions for gathering key information). The focus is on small to medium sized data sets of science and social science disciplines. Workshop provided tips for interviewing faculty on research needs, reviewed steps in the process and discussed issues in the general field of e-science data management.
  • There is a close correlation between the DCP methodology and general research ethnography studies.
  • An important distinction of this profile, is that its purpose is to represent only the researcher's viewpoint. The profile then may be used to support a recommended approach to data management for a particular faculty's data. 
  • Future Library plans may include modeling DCP for local use, such as blending aspects of the Toolkit with either the ARL's E-Science Institute recommended activities or for use in a custom developed UX study, and sharing profiles and experiences with the Purdue Curation Center.
  • More information:
    • About the DCP Toolkit can be found from: http://www4.lib.purdue.edu/dcp/
    • Also see Webcast: Webwise (March, 2001) Pre-conference #3 - Helping Researchers Manage Their Data: Constructing Data Curation Profiles - Speaker: D. Scott Brandt, Associate Dean of Research, Purdue University Libraries, Distributed Data Curation Center (http://www.tvworldwide.com/events/webwise/110309/) - You have to scroll far down the list to find it.


TLA Assembly 2011

Austin, Texas: July 25-28, 2011


New Media Consortium (NMC) Summer Conferences

Madison, Wisconsin: June 15-18, 2011


New Media Consortium (NMC) Photo Safari

Austin, Texas: November 1-3, 2011


Open Repositories (OR) 2011

Austin, Texas : June 6 – 11, 2011 

  • For links to numerous blogs and reports on OR11, please see :

Carol Minton Morris, “Open Repositories 2011: Community Meet-up in the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’,” D-Lib Magazine 17, no. 7/8 (July 2011), http://www.dlib.org/dlib/july11/morris/07morris.html


     key features for dspace new release (1.7.1)

  • improve statistics
  • improve permissions
  • curation tasks (see Workshop report by Bram Luyten @mire)
  • duracloud support
  • AIP backup and restore
  • Metadata batch processing




Texas Library Association (TLA) Annual Meeting 2011

Austin, Texas : 2011  April 12-15


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