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Proposal Form

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Please submit proposal to Fondren’s Collection Management and Development Council (CMDC). After proposal is accepted, a project implementation team will be organized to plan out the development and execution of the digitization work. This form is intended primarily to aid proposing in-house or internal projects. Any faculty requests should be fast tracked, please send such requests directly to cds [at] rice [dot] edu.


Digital Project Proposal


Facilitation of Research:

  • How will the proposed collection help to facilitate research?

  • Is there a historical significance of the proposed materials in regards to the University?

  • Can you provide examples of user demand for online access to these materials?




  • What are the intellectual property rights for these materials?

  • Are there any restrictions or access concerns?



Physical Condition:

  • How rare or fragile are the proposed documents?

  • Are there any special handling needs?




  • Are you under any sort of deadline because of funding?

  • How long do you have to reach your goal?

  • How many items are you proposing to be digitized?




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