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Project planning

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Project management efforts should take into account a sundry of factors including an understanding of the general technical architecture available and institutional policy. Fundamental to all projects:


  • Most importantly:
    • Document decisions
    • Apply decisions consistently at the project level


  • Adapt to emerging environments by
    • pointing to communities that support a particular media or subject matter rather than creating highly customized but local rules that may be difficult to sustain long term and or less interoperable. Therefore wherever possible, identify best practices to be used in metadata creation and the digital capture process. 


Project Phases

Assess > Design> Implement > Execute


Planning a digital project can be broken down into four general phases. These may include activities such as:


  • Pre-digitization activities : user need assessment, collection review

  • Design : Development of metadata schemas, defining technical targets

  • Implementation : metadata creation, digital capture, quality control assurance

  • Execution : testing, upload to IR and marketing or communication



Digitization Planning Checklist


The purpose of these questions is to determine feasibility of a proposed project and to support the successful implementation.


These questions should be prepared by the assigned implementation team prior to project start up. At this stage a more detailed review of the collection itself and or additional investigation into digitization best practices suited for this particular project may be needed.


download blank checklist form


Target Audience

Identify targeted users of digitized materials, statement of user need or how digitized collection will help facilitate research

Collection description

Provide material description, including collection scope, quantity, document forms and physical condition. Also provide information on selection criteria used if digitization does not include the entire physical collection.

Access and use parameters

Identify rights of materials and any access/use issues


Determine if timeframe is reasonable and does not adversely impact resources needed for existing projects


Identify project personnel and resources

Metadata application profile

Define appropriate level of metadata and schema for collection. Identify best practices or standards used.

Digital specifications

Identify file format(s), digital specifications (resolution, bit depth, etc) and file naming schema for both masters and derivatives. Identify best practices or standards used.


Calculate size of storage needed

Equipment requirements

Identify equipment needed for the digitization work, are appropriate and available for the work to be done, and do not conflict with other projects

Digital Preservation

Any additional digital preservation requirements are clearly identified and supportable by the IR system. Define level of preservation needed for support of collection long term.

Repository Structure

Structure of collection in the repository is identified. Any special requirements for formatting in the repository can be accommodated. Provide item level determination.

Programming support

Confirm programming support can be committed in the project's timeframe, especially for any special programming needs identified.

Workspace Permissions

Permissions assigned to project staff for submitting digitized content to workspace server and the repository

Training needs

Identify any personnel training needs (e.g. scanning, IR submission process and including using workspace server (fonlibstor))


No additional funding required




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