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Historical Images  Planning Checklist

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Project Name:  Rice University Historical Images and Key Documents

Date:                     Sept 19, 2011


Target Audience

Identify targeted users of digitized materials, statement of user need  or how digitized collection will help facilitate research


The Rice community and beyond as part of our Centennial Celebration and ongoing sharing of Rice University archives.

Collection description

Provide material description, including collection scope, quantity, document forms and physical condition. Also provide information on selection criteria used if digitization does not include the entire physical collection.


Collection of  photographs and documents of historical Rice University interest (People, Places and Things) housed in Woodson Research Center

Access and use parameters

Identify rights of materials and any access/use issues


Two situations are present, as determined by the archivists on an item by item basis:

Situation 1: Rights to this material belong to Rice University.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/)


Situation 2:The copyright holder for this material is either unknown or unable to be found. This material is being made available by Rice University for non-profit educational use under the Fair Use Section of US Copyright Law. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/


Determine if timeframe is reasonable and does not adversely impact resources needed for existing projects

This is an ongoing project with no actual end date – items will continue to be added over time.

  • Begin: Planning: Sept 2011
  • Training / Set-up / Begin: October 2011
  • Progress will be made as is reasonable given other time constraints.
  • Tentative plans include weekly ingests


Identify project personnel and resources  :

  • WRC: Amanda Focke, Lauren Meyers, Dara Flinn, Rebecca Russell

o    Material selection, scanning and Image QC 

o    Create derivative files

o    Metadata and ingest 

o    Supplemental steps (mapping in dspace as appropriate, updating WRC digi-spreadsheet with DSpace handle

  • CDS: Monica Rivero (project oversight / advice) & Ying Jin (DSpace assistance if needed)
  • Tech Services staff  - per Jenn's assignment of staff 

o    Create derivative files

o    Metadata and ingest 

Metadata application profile[i]

Define appropriate level of metadata and schema for collection

Qualified Dublin Core used as outlined

  • Describing Archives: A Content Standard DACS as a guide (DACS)


Digital specifications ii

Identify file format(s), digital specifications (resolution, bit depth, etc) and file naming schema for both masters and derivatives.


File formats & digi specs:

Masters: (existing files)

  • TIFF format
  • resolution: min. 300 ppi @ full color (24 bit) @ original size
  • sRGB color okay (eg do not need to embedded ICC profile)



  • Text: PDF / OCR’d
  • Images:
    • JPG and JP2 for any item larger than 5x7"
    • JPG only for items 5x7" or smaller

File naming schema


Calculate size of storage needed

Difficult to say as this is not a finite project, but the group of digitized materials we currently have in mind to add total circa 260 GB  in master tiff format, although they have not been weeded / selected and that number may shrink.

Equipment requirements

Identify equipment needed for the digitization work, are appropriate and available for the work to be done, and do not conflict with other projects    


Generally speaking, the items we will be working with for the project are legacy image files from past reference requests, exhibits, etc. and so no digitizing / scanning will be necessary. We will be using existing computers for metadata and entry into DSpace.

Digital Preservation

Any additional digital preservation requirements are clearly identified and supportable by the IR system. Define level of preservation needed for support of collection long term.


Standard preservation metadata elements have been included: type (DCMI), Boilerplate info for digital specification and rights

Other technical elements automatically created at time of entry (eg dc.format.extent per bitstream, dc.format.mimetype, dc.identifier.uri).


Repository Structure

Structure of collection in the repository is identified. Any special requirements for formatting in the repository can be accommodated. Provide item level determination.


Pre-existing structure:

Top level community = Rice University Historical Images & Key Documents. http://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/61405


Collections in this community

These collections match the existing categories of general Photo files in WRC.

Programming support

Confirm programming support can be committed in the project's timeframe, especially for any special programming needs identified.

To be determined -- we would like to do batch imports weekly, if possible, depending on how exactly that can be done and by whom. 


  • Desired : customize workflow submission form (applicable for all WRC collections?)
  • Modified short record view :
    • Date : dc.date.original (in lieu of dc.date.issued)
    • Add citation (preferred citation method?)
    • Add  section : Rights and Usage
    • re-arrange layout out of sections : 1st "Files in this item", 2nd "Item Metadata", 3rd "Rights and Usage"

Workspace Permissions

Permissions assigned to project staff for submitting digitized content to workspace server and the repository       

  • Amanda (already has permission)
  • Lauren (needs permission)
  • Dara (needs permission)
  • Rebecca (needs permission)
  • Tech Services staff  (see Jenn Miller)

Training needs

Identify any personnel training needs (e.g. scanning, IR submission process and including using workspace server (fonlibstor))


  • Using workspace server (fonlibstor)
  • Using the GoogleDoc
  • Tech Services staff if participating (see Jenn Miller) for metadata preparation and describing digital image collections


No additional funding required       




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[i] Identify best practices to be used in metadata creation or digital capture process. It is preferable to point to communities of practice that support a particular media or subject matter rather than creating highly customized but local rules that may be difficult to sustain long term and or less interoperable.

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