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Describing a resource

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The below table lists fields that can be used to describe an item in Rice University's Digital Scholarship Archive (scholarship.rice.edu). The minimum required to submit an item to the archive is a title, copyright or access statement, and a digital file. By supplying more descriptive information (metadata), your work will be easier to find and cite.


Standard fields available during the item submission process:



Field Name

Definition/Scope Note



The person or persons primarily responsible for the intellectual content of the item.

dc. contributor. author


Main title for the item.


Other Titles

Alternative title for the item, such as a translated or abbreviated form of the title.



Date of original publication, presentation, or distribution.



Entity responsible for publication, distribution, or imprint; or publisher of the previously issued instance of the work.


Series/Report No.

Series name and number for the item.



Select from available standard identifiers, and enter the item's number.

dc.identifier.___ (qualified by selected identifier)


Nature, genre, or form of content.



Current ISO standard for language of intellectual content, including country codes (e.g. "en_US").


Subject Keywords

A keyword or phrase that describes the content of the item.



Abstract or summary of the item.



A person or group that funds or sponsors the development of the work.

dc. description. sponsorship


Descriptive information not defined in other fields. (number of pages in a document, physical description, etc.)






Bibliographic citation for the item. This information is automatically generated after submission. Bibliographic information may also be downloaded to citation tools such as Zotero.



Permanent link to your item. This web address will be automatically generated after submission.

dc. identifier. uri


For a complete list of available metadata fields, please see metadata registry.


What are the guidelines for submitting content?

  • You have to be affiliated with Rice University.

  • You must either be the author of the material or have the rights to let Rice distribute it.

  • The content must be scholarly, educational or related to the university's mission.

  • The content must be permanent. scholarship.rice.edu is intended to be an archive, not a storehouse for ephemeral content or multiple versions of documents.

  • The content must be in a digital format. Contact the Digital Media Center for help digitizing materials for inclusion.



How do I get my materials into the archive?

For assistance in putting your work into the archive, please contact the Center for Digital Scholarship team at CDS [at] rice [dot] edu or 713-348-2480. Alternatively, departmental representatives can be authorized to directly put in materials. If you have an existing database of scholarly digital resources, we may be able to bulk import it all at once.


Confused, or want to discuss other options? Email CDS [at] rice [dot] edu.


Do I retain copyright over archived content?

Yes, copyright owners retain copyright over their materials. By putting material into scholarship.rice.edu, you are granting Rice a non-exclusive license to distribute it, which means that you are authorizing Rice to make it available but can also distribute it through other mechanisms. See the external link:text of the license for more information.


It is preferred but not required that materials be made available with a Creative Commons license. Many researchers and educational institutions are adopting Creative Commons licenses to provide wider access to their work. Through the Creative Commons attribution license, the copyright owner retains copyright, but the materials are open to others for use and make modifications as long as attribution to the original is made. See external link:Creative Commons


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