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QC Overview

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Monitoring Quality of Digital Collections




A primary goal of the institutional repository is to provide long term access to its digital resources. We provide high quality materials by creating or converting materials using well established standards and best practices in digital libraries. Performing a periodic review of digital content will help ensure the overall integrity, consistency and usability of these digital objects. This review can also support identifying workflow issues, discussions on logistics and communicating collections statistics.




This overview should be a separate process from the daily or routine digitization workflow. The frequency of review will depend on various factors; new projects or high volume collections may need more frequent reviews than collections with little activity. The objective of the review is to confirm digital objects are well formed and adhere to quality requirements as defined in the collection’s formal documentation such as the metadata application profile and technical specifications set worth in the digitization plan.




  • Confirm metadata is complete; all required fields are present and in the designated format/syntax

  • Perform automatic checks to validate digital specifications are being meet, using such tools as DROID, JHOVE or Exif Viewer1

  • Perform visual review for a sampling of online records

  • Conduct inventory of master files, comparing final master files to online items before transferring to permanent storage


For more specific guides, please see Quality control checks


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1 An online Exif viewer: http://regex.info/exif.cgi

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