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Photometadata import script

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The following guidelines and source code have been adapted from  DIY Custom Metadata [PS Script] written by Paul Riggott.  Apr 25, 2012. http://www.scriptsrus.talktalk.net/DIYmetadata.htm . This tool works with Adobe Bridge CS3 or later.


For more on local practices for embedding metadata, simple crosswalk from Dublin core to IPTC-core and additional reading resources please see here.


Setup Script


Download Script

(customized for Rice University Archives materials)

DIY Metadata Rice.zip



Start Bridge

PC: Edit - Preferences - Startup Scripts

Mac: Adobe Bridge menu - Preferences - Startup Scripts

At the bottom click the "Reveal Button" this will open the folder where the script should be saved.

Close and restart Bridge.

Accept the new script.


To run:

Goto to the folder with your documents to be processed.

There will be a new menu item "Metadata" select "DIY Custom Metadata“



DIY Custom Metadata script


This script will allow you to choose the fields and order they are in within either your CSV or TEXT file so that you can embed metadata to your images.
N.B. The first field in the input file MUST be the filename only IE:- wrc005123_001.tif


Select the folder where the files are located before running the script


Fields available are:

Keywords 1 - These are Keywords that are in ONE field separated by semicolons

Keywords 2 - These are Keywords in separate fields. These must be last in the list/file!

N.B. Only one type of Keywords allowed!


Title – Text, if commas are in this field input file MUST be Tab Delimited!

Description – Text, if commas are in this field input file MUST be Tab Delimited!

Copyright URL – Text, use convention: http:// address only

Copyright Status – Text, true = copyright, false = public domain, 0 = unassigned


Date Created - Date IE: 12/24/2001

Rating - This should be numeric 1 to 5

Creator (Author) - Text

Label - Text, one of Select, Second, Approved, Review or To Do


Unless otherwise stated above, all other fields are text field


There is the option to remove a header line if one exists.

Sub-Folders are supported.


An error file is created and shown on completion.


Figure : Input Form


TIP: Please remember to confirm changes appear as expected by sampling records after job has run.

For longer jobs, when script is running in the background, there is no visual clue in the Adobe window that the script is running. To check status (and confirm job is still ongoing) open Explore Window, navigate to folder and view date stamp on files.


*** Tips for setting up input metadata spreadsheet - forthcoming


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