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Deposit Checklist

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Brief outline of key components when preparing digital collections of Cultural Heritage Materials for deposit to the IR.




All items have clearly stated rights or usage statements. See Digital copyright workflow


  • Metadata is provided in dublin core (qualified) syntax

  • Collection application profile is documented on wiki and applied consistently across all items. See Best Practices for Qualified Dublin Core for general guidance.

  • Data created following Best Practices for Globally Shareable Metadata. For example:

    • Do not use square brackets or any other markup normally used in AACR2 to indicate missing or incorrect information.

    • Do not add any ending punctuation at the end of titles(1), names or subjects.

    • Do not use abbreviations. Please spell out words completely.

    • Do not use null values [e.g. n/a or n.d. (2)] just leave field blank.

    • Use Date ISO 8601 format for date specific fields. see W3C-DTF http://www.w3.org/TR/NOTE-datetime

    • Recommended to populate dc.date.issued for searching purposes. May use broad year if exact date is not known (e.g. 1900 for date range 19th century)
    • for more please see Best Practices for OAI Data Provider Implementations and Shareable Metadata (OAIBP)

  • dc.identifier.digital must equal prefix of filenames

Digital files



Consistent filenames = Unique alphanumeric sequence. Uses prefix/suffix logic. No spaces, all lowercase, no special characters. See best practices on file naming conventions.


  • Use recommended formats : Images = masters (tiffs), Access (jpg/jp2) | Text: access = OCR’d PDFs. See chart on preferred formats

  • Files created at recommends specs (e.g. 300ppi, 24 bit)

  • Digital capture follows best practices for “Faithful reproduction” benchmarks. see Quality control checks for images

embedded metadata

Embed metadata for both masters and access versions. See Embedded Image Metadata




  1. Exception for ending punctuation when punctuation is part of the native title. E.g. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"
  2. May add note to clarify dates. Use dc.date.original element. E.g. "undated, circa 1903-1956" or "Date unknown, circa 1915-1921" or simple date range, etc.


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