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Faculty Publications Collections List

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Contact:  Shannon Kipphut-Smith, Scholarly Communications Liaison | x3989 | sk60@rice.edu


Generally, the scope of these collections is faculty peer-reviewed journal articles, published since April 2012. However, because faculty have some choice over submitted content, additional material, such as books, book chapters, book reviews, and white papers, may be submitted, as well.


Increased use of these collections is in response to the passage of the Rice Open Access Policy in April 2012. More information about the policy can be found at http://openaccess.rice.edu/.


Metadata guidelines: Faculty Publications Metadata Guidelines



List of Collections containing faculty publications*

  • Rice Faculty Publications
  • Baker Institute Publications
  • Fondren Library presentations and publications
  • Presentations and publications by Center for Digital Scholarship Staff
  • Scholarly Communications Committee presentations and publications
  • Bioengineering publications
  • Chemical and biomolecular engineering publications
  • Computer Science publications
  • Materials Science and Nanoengineering publications
  •  Mechanical Engineering publications
  • Statistics publications
  • Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations publications
  • Art History Publications
  • Classical Studies publications
  • English department papers and publications
  • French Studies publications
  • German Studies publications
  • Hispanic Studies publications
  • History Faculty publications
  • Kinesiology publications
  • Philosophy department publications
  • Religious Studies Publications
  • Sports Management publications
  • Visual and Dramatic Arts publications
  • Anthropology publications
  • Cognitive Sciences publications
  • Economics publications
  • Managerial Studies publications
  • Policy Studies publications
  • Political Science publications
  • Psychology Department papers and publications
  • Sociology publications
  • Biochemistry and Cell Biology Publications
  • Chemistry Publications
  • Earth Science Publications
  • EEB Faculty Publications
  •  BioSciences Publications
  • Mathematics Faculty Publications
  • Physics and Astronomy Publications


* As of December 2013, all faculty publications are deposited in the general  Rice Faculty Publications collection and mapped to appropriate departments.


**Although Fondren staff are not expected to comply with Rice's Open Access Policy, they are encouraged to deposit articles.


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