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Faculty Publications Metadata Guidelines

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These metadata guidelines are specific to the Faculty Publications project. See Faculty Publications for a complete list of associated collections.


Most item submissions occur through a customized online form that allows submission of one item at a time.


[Labels that appear in brackets] are those that the user sees on the submission form.





[Conference Date]


If publication presented at conference, include date of conference.


Use YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD, depending on how much information is available.






If publication presented at conference, include name of conference, as it appears in publication.






Journal issue number.




[Journal Title]


Title of journal, as it appears on the resource. Do not change punctuation and capitalization.




[Number of first page]


Article first page number.  Ex: 192. Do not use 'p,' 'pp,' etc.


May use digital “page number.” Ex: e007728469 (do not need to include value in dc.citation.lastpage)




[Number of last page]


Article last page number. Ex: 192. Do not use 'p,' 'pp,' etc.



[Volume Number]


Journal volume number.



[Article Number]


Increasingly online-only journals are using article numbers instead of page numbers (page range) to demarcate the order in which the articles in a volume or issue were published. Enter article number as it appears in the publication.


Note: Although article numbers are appearing with increasing frequency, they are not yet appearing in citations (the APA is one of the few to even address article numbers, but directs users to omit it from citations). DSS staff will continue to monitor use of article numbers in citations; for now, the article number will be omitted from citations.


dc.contributor.author (multiple values allowed)



Name, as it appears on the resource. Do not change punctuation and capitalization. Enter last name in first box. Enter first name and middle name or initial, if applicable. If there is a working group, include the name of the working group and the affiliated Rice faculty. If the list of authors is too long to include all authors, include only the names of the Rice faculty (include full list in local.author.orderDisplay).


Enter multiple authors in the order in which they appear on the resource. Use separate elements to enter multiple authors.




Does not appear in user interface; used only with batch-imports.


Used when there are too many authors to include in dc.contributer.author. Enter all names as they appear in publication. All names must be separated by a semi-colon. For an example, see https://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/81442?show=full


When using this field, be sure to include Rice authors in dc.contributer.author.


dc.contributer.center (multiple values allowed)

[Affiliated Rice lab, center, or institute]


If there is an affiliated center, it often appears next to the author's name or at the end of the publication (do not include center in dc.contributor.author).


Enter name as it appears in publication. Do not change punctuation and capitalization.


Can include multiple centers. Use separate elements to enter multiple centers.



dc.contributer.funder (multiple values allowed)



If research was supported by grant, funding information will appear in article.


Enter funder name and award number, for Rice faculty only, as it appears in the publication.


Can include multiple funders/funding numbers. Use separate elements to enter multiple awards.






Name of journal publisher. Often copyright holder; if copyright holder is author, name of publisher will also appear. Usually appears at bottom of page.


If book, use Library of Congress Name Authority File (LCNAF) http://authorities.loc.gov/.




[Date of Publication]







Copy and paste article abstract, if available.


Check that symbols appear correctly. If copying and pasting from pdf creates problems, first paste to Word document and then copy and paste.




Used if article received funding from Fondren's Open Access Author Fund (https://libguides.rice.edu/AuthorFees/Journals).


Include: "Fondren Library Open Access Author Fund."



dc.embargoterms (required)

[Embargo Terms]


Embargo period, as required by publisher. Consult http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/ or publisher website. Choose from drop-down list:


6 mos

12 mos


If unable to determine embargo, or Publisher does not have an embargo, use N/A.


Please note that the auto-creation of the lift date is created at the time of entry. If the item record is edited, the lift date is NOT changed automatically. Any changes to embargo terms should include edits to both fields: dc.embargoterms and dc.embargolift.



dc.identifier.__ (recommended) (multiple values allowed)



Unique identifier from a formal identification system, including the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), the PubMed Identifier (PMID), and the PubMed Central Identifier (PMCID).


Document may be assigned multiple identifiers. Choose from drop-down list:








When available, DOI (digital object identifier) MUST be entered. Include full DOI URL (ex: https://doi.org/10.21983/P3.0265.1.00)



[Link to Published Version]


When a DOI is not provided, journals typically provide a permanent handle, URL, etc.


Enter full link (including prefix) if published version does not have a DOI, but does have a unique URL, handle, etc.


dc.identifier.citation (required) (system-generated)



Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue number), pages. doi


System-generated citation follows American Psychological Association (APA) format guidelines:http://www.apastyle.org/ Discipline-specific citation styles can be requested from Shannon Kipphut.



dc.identifier.uri (required) (system-generated)

[Citable link to this page]


Unique, persistent resource identifier in url format. Automatically assigned at point of final entry. Standard: CNRI's Handles system http://www.handle.net/.



dc.language.iso (required)



The 3-character language code for text-based resources.

Example: eng


If a resource is in a language other than English you can look up the 3-character code: ISO 369 (B) Code (alpha-3 code)




dc.subject.keyword (multiple values allowed)

[Subject Keywords]


Article keywords. Use those provided at beginning of article.


Enter multiple subjects in the order in which they appear on the resource. Use separate elements to enter multiple subjects.


If item is a book or book chapter, consult the Fondren catalog or WorldCat to see if subject keywords for title exist. If working with faculty/staff/students to deposit unpublished work, solicit their input for appropriate keywords. 



dc.title (required)



Title of article, as it appears on the resource (including subtitles). Do not change punctuation and capitalization. Check that symbols appear correctly. If copying and pasting from pdf creates problems, first paste to Word document and then copy and paste.


If book review, use “Book review of [author’s name] [book title]"




dc.type (required)



Type of publication. Choose from drop-down list:

Journal article

Book review


Book chapter

White paper

Conference paper

Magazine article

Newspaper article


Technical report


video recordings

audio recordings


Computer program



Order of terms is based on usage; most submissions will be a Journal Article.


Terms follow Zotero metadata guidelines:
http://gsl-nagoya-u.net/http/pub/csl-fields/. Contact Shannon if appropriate descriptor not available.



dc.type.dcmi (required)  

[Content Format]


The general content type of resource. Select from DCMI-controlled vocabulary, using drop down list:







'Moving image' refers to video files.

Most resources will be text.

When there are multiple, choose primary.



[Version of Work]


Version of publication (generally, refers to journal articles). Choose from drop-down list:



publisher version


“Pre-print” is the first draft of the work, before peer-review. “Post-print” is the version submitted to the publisher after peer-review. “Publisher version” is the version of record, as found in print or on the publisher’s website.


dc.rights (multiple values allowed)


The text included here depends on the nature of the work:

  1. If the post-print of a work is deposited (see dc.type.publication) and the publisher (or other third party) retains the copyright. Use: "This is an author's peer-reviewed final manuscript, as accepted by the publisher. The published article is copyrighted by [name of publisher]."
  2. If the published version of the work is deposited under the terms of a Creative Commons or similar open access license, include the text as it appears on the publication. For example: "All article content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license."
  3. If the published version of the work is deposited per publisher policy (not per terms of Creative Commons or similar open access license), use: Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use."


If open access funding for work was provided by Fondren, include additional value: "Funding to make this work open access was provided by Fondren Library, Rice University"




URL for license type described in dc.rights. Typically for a Creative Commons license. For example, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/




Note: System-generated fields do not appear in entry form, but are auto-generated upon completion of submission.




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