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ETD Digital Files

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  • Thesis or dissertation manuscripts can only be one file and the only allowable file format is PDF.

  • Students are directed to their departments for guidance on creating PDF files.

  • Library recommendation is that PDFs be OCR’d for full text searching, and fonts or links should be embedded directly in the file



Supplemental files

  • There is no limit on the number or formats of supplementary files students may upload.

  • Size Quota: no individual file may exceed 512 MB and the total of all files must not exceed 4GB



Supplemental materials is an area to monitor. Changes in the nature of scholarly publication may require additional materials be submitted as part of the thesis, when such materials are deemed integral to the fuller understanding of the work but do not fit within a textual format (e.g. datasets, audio, video, etc). In addition, there is much community discussion on changes to the traditional concept (monograph) of a thesis (1). Therefore, file formats should be assessed periodically, as they may need to be normalized or migrated to IR supported formats for long-term preservation.


  1. For example, see: Patton, Stacey. 2013. “The Dissertation Can No Longer Be Defended.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 11, sec. Graduate Students. http://chronicle.com.ezproxy.rice.edu/article/The-Dissertation-Can-No-Longer/137215/?key=TW97JlRuYnNCZ3BlMTZDZD5TbHxrNxojayAYYnombl5cFA%3D%3D.


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