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DuraCloud Features

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Fondren Library is subscribed to DuraCloud Preservation Plus plan, specifics can be reviewed here.  Key features include diverse geographic locations, multiple redundant copies, and automatic backup and synchronization of files, all of which help reduce the risk of data loss.


DuraCloud GitHub repository


Short webinars on various features are also available here.



DuraCloud Preservation Plus 

Local Note

Price (all bandwidth and compute charges included)

$2,500/year for first TB $1,700/year for additional TBs 


Rice is eligible for reduced pricing as we have content over 10MB

Number of redundant copies


Files over 5GB are split up for transfer. A utility for "stitching" (combined back into the original file) is integrated when file is retrieved. This means files over 5GB will appear in health check reports as separate chucks or bitstreams but will be combined if retrieved.

Number of cloud data centers storing content

2 (Amazon and SDSC)

Diverse geographic locations (east and west coast)

Online backup



Web-based administrative dashboard


Both web based and command line access are available.

Automatic content health checks and reports


Provides report of health status (checksum) per item and date last checked.

Dynamic storage reports


Reports show total content stored, file types and changes in amount of usage

Online sharing


This is a public access option, which we do not have turned on. This feature is typically used for hosting materials. We host materials through the scholarship.rice.edu.

Automatic synchronization and file recovery across cloud data centers


Automatically recover and replace files that are checked and found to be corrupt.


Health checks are provided on a quarterly basis.


The enterprise level subscription provides health checks on an ad hoc basis (but for higher service fee). However, locally we have nightly check sums to help identify any critical data loss issues which supplements this feature.

Shibboleth Authentication -- available to Internet2 and InCommon members

coming soon


Media serving


Bandwidth and download charges apply for this option and are cost prohibitive. This feature is not enabled locally.



System admin access only. Contact is Sid Bryd



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