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VAHF digital file inventory

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Legacy project processing information for a collection which now online at https://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/79696 



VAHF Video Interviews Summary

as of Dec, 2013

# items # Video files Percent Souce File type
55 266 71% mts
32 105 28% mpg
1 3 1% mp4
88 374 100% total interviews with video content


  • 562     Total GB
  • 1241    Total Hrs (approx)
  • Average 0.45323 GB (464MB) per 1 hour of play time (for masters versions)



Note: MTS files were  saved as MOV format for master ingest. MPG and MP4 source files were retained as is. Details on transcoding can be found VAHF-master-access-recipe-steps


Breakdown of all files per type


General Notes

  • All video files with basic metadata (88 interviews) ingested June, 2013. Additional metadata (abstracts, subjects, duration, etc) will be added at later date

  • Source formats of mpg and mp4 will be considered as the "master" version. Source .mts files required transcoding video codec and tweaking the audio codec to a higher volume. 

  • There are on average 5 videos per item

  • Part of QC review process is to determine if all video files are legit interviews and if not to remove from inventory (for example, sometimes during recording process, short test videos were created) 
  • Currently average 18 Images per item : However some of these jpegs files are really text and need to be converted to PDF . For actual images (portraits of interviewees) the plan is to select best image or two if they are all very similar. Amanda will work on manual selection and conversion of text and images - July 2013


Detail Notes

  • wrc02788 contains both mts and mpg source files

  • wrc02830 source and access files are both mp4 (renamed source files)

  • Details by WRC# can be found on fonlibstor server at :\Video\QC-files-mpr\[file-mgmt-mpr-Post.xlsx]table-source files

    • Updated info, see file: Video\QC-files-mpr\2013-12-data\[mapfile-masters-vafh-PREP.xlsx]
  • 5 items without video files - re interview? Ignore for online purposes? - Ignore for now, Amanda can follow up with donor by e-mail. UPDATE: as of December, 2013: No expectation to receive video files for these items

    • wrc02786-no-video

    • wrc02809-no-video

    • wrc02839-no-video

    • wrc02840-no-video

    • wrc02852-no-interview-video-corrupt

  •  wrc02810 folder should be deleted as it is duplicate content for wrc02859 



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