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Email Preservation project planning

Page history last edited by Rebecca Russell 6 years, 9 months ago

E-mail preservation planning - WRC late Fall 2013-Spring 2014


Send call for interest in group discussions of email preservation out to AHA listserv (Rebecca, late November)


Arrange April 2014 dates for hosting SAA workshop on preserving e-mail as XML (Amanda, late November)




Research email account schema (XML) (see Chris Prom article, page 23)




Goals and Objectives

Develop digital preservation plan for e-mail

Projects to undertake:

  1. discrete body of e-mail, not going to grow (Alan Chapman)
  2. ongoing e-mail capture, growing (Rice college e-mails)
  3. New collection with e-mail content, donor guidelines for electronic materials?  (speak with Melissa Kean)


Identify and implement Sofware Tools

Aid4Mail http://www.aid4mail.com/ - not free ($40)

Xena-XML http://xena.sourceforge.net/index.php - open source (digital objects and email file formats)

Email Preservation Parser http://siarchives.si.edu/cerp/parserdownload.htm - open source


Install BitCurator on a machine (Fondren IT) http://www.bitcurator.net/ 

    disk image Alan Chapman e-mail from fondranet and analyze

Refine e-mail preservation plan and policies



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