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DSS Systems Maintenance check list

Page history last edited by Monica 9 months ago

Purpose: ensure common features are operational as part of basic IR services. These may include:


Web Site availability  -- YING/SID


Security -- YING/SID

  • Preventative activity 
  • not an automatic process, need to monitor environment for security updates.
  • check for updates manually and makes changes as needed


Media Filter --YING/SID

  • Confirm media filter runs overnight (e.g. extract full text and create thumbnail)
  • Set up DSpace System Email for when exceptions occur
  • Produced media log separately so is easier to check 


CheckSum report -- YING/Staff


Statistics logs -- YING

  • Ensure data is captured daily
  • Create script to check update of the index on daily basis


File Format registry  -- MONICA 

  • Annually check for "unknown" file types and make assessment for preservation level and update Format registry 


Metadata -- MONICA

  • Annually check for consistency of IR metadata (types, rights, dates, etc.)


Index -- ???


Run Dspace health check -- ???


Duracloud -- SID

  • Report total storage usage 
  • Perform transfer of files twice a year. Identify dates???
  • see notes on Digital Preservation Storage Actions and Policies on Staff Wiki (log in required). 


Additional backup -- ??? 

  • OLD --
    • Twice a year or before any significant programming updates (e.g. new software release, hardware changes, etc.)
    • Ying investigating if still useful given new Isilon Server setup 
  • Create a complete copy of Production to Development server to mirror all content (files, metadata and system settings). -- is this still a practice?
  • Backup of DSpace server and logs -- is this automated now?
  • see Isilon Storage parameters 


Handle system -- SID

  • happens when re-boot the system, have to manual re-boot handle server
  • Sid to look if can automate re-boot process


OAI data provider - MONICA


Untrusted site security certificate -- SID

  • every three years, request new certificate (Sept/Oct)
  • next schedule 2020 (Sept 19)
  • see lighthouse ticket for history #26


Vireo -- SID

  • check that server is not nearly out of local storage: df < 90%


Omeka -- YING


Jstor Forum -- MONICA

  • check storage usage is less than 1TB 


Google analytics  -- SHANNON / MONICA

  • Periodically share top results from Google analytics report
  • Confirm google index is current
  • Spot check indexing of titles
  • see notes for Ensuring your DSpace is indexed


Sword deposits -- SHANNON / YING

  • Confirm biomed auto-deposits is working


Harvey Memories, COVID-19 archives - YING



Ad hoc issues -- SID

  • hostname resolver  (e.g. dspace.rice.edu vs. scholarship.rice.edu)
  • jp2 viewer resolver (confirm viewer is working properly)



  • If need immediate response to issues, may need to reboot server during peak hours. First Send notice to internal users before re-boot
  • For non critical updates, may wait to reboot after 5pm (no general notice need be sent)
  • IR Maintenance Reporting - First Monday ea. month (DSS staff to check BEFORE meeting)
  • For public presentations of the IR, please notify programmers to avoid any system downtime



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