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Note bene

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Please schedule room B39 for scanning work as this will help avoid conflicts with others, see DCL calendar


  • Never place items on top of glass
  • Glass may scratch easily (i.e. remove any loose hanging jewelry)
  • Do not use 200 ppi  or lower setting as this causes the scanner to try to "jump off the rails"
  • Avoid placing materials at nearest edge of book cradle (approx. ΒΌ inch) as this area is not captured by the scanner
  • May need to remove any materials from Mylar coverings as plastic causes pronounced glare in image.
  • Never use the setting "Auto focus" in the Options dialog box (this creates poor image quality)
  • Do no remove USB sentry key (located at back of desktop computer)
  • Glass does not offer UV protection. Any materials that are highly sensitive to light should not be scanned on the Indus (this is true for any scanner)
  • Overhead room lights directly above the Indus Scanner has been removed since this light was effecting scans. Please do not replace bulbs.
  • Indus scanner must be on for the proview software to open 
  • Leave indus workstation on and logged in (this will allow remote login) 


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