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Shepherd Digital Objects Naming Conventions

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The following guidelines are for the Shepherd School of Music Recital Programs collection.


Item Level 

Each Performance is considered an item in DSpace.

A performance will typically include  program (text) and sound recording (if available).


Digital Objects

  • Programs are scanned as one file per page in TIF master format. Then combined into a single PDF as access version
  • Sound recordings are digitized as WAV master format, one audio file per performance. There may be multiple cassette tapes per performance.


Filenaming Schema for Digital Objects

In general, the filenaming schema is made up of 3 main parts: collection acronym (ssm - lower case) plus date of performance (in ISO date format) plus sequentially assigned alpha character. 


General rule for prefix

ssm + Date (YYYY-MM-DD) + Alpha character  

suffix (TIFs only) _ (underscore) + 3 digits to denote Page order



Single performance per date



if more than one performance per date use alpha character…



If more than one date on first page

Use first date printed on program


Special cases


1) Program covers multiple days AND have sound recordings for more than one date AND each event in the program has different metadata (different playlist and performers)


  • Upload audio files as separate items using unique descriptive metadata (title, names, dates)
  • Add cross referencing metadata (url links) between audio and PDF (dc.relation.IsPartOf / dc.relation.HasPartOf)
  • Add dc.description for PDF item: Multiple recordings available for this program. See related works links. 
  • Add dc.description for audio items: This recording is part of a larger performance. See related works link.









2) Program covers multiple days AND have sound recordings for more than one date AND each event in the program has the same metadata (same playlist and performers)


  • First recording is added to the PDF/program item
  • All additional recordings are uploaded as separate items AND Add suffix -audio to filename.
  • Add cross referencing metadata (url links) between all items (dc.relation.IsPartOf / dc.relation.HasPartOf)



ssm1985-04-16A.pdf + ssm1985-04-16A.mp3 (both files in same item)



3) No program exists for a sound recording 

  • Upload audio files as separate items 
  • Descriptive metadata (title, names, dates) may be incomplete. Either transcribe program info from cassette label or request Music librarian to create as much as possible.
  • Add dc.description. For example: No program is available for this item. Program information was transcribed from the cassette label. 






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