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Shepherd recitals-physical handling

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Physical Handling of Bound Shepherd School of Music Recitals


  • Volumes are pulled from Circulation. Pulled volumes are noted on the card where they are.

  • Each individual volume is cut along the inside edge along the front and back outer boards.

  • The cloth super is pulled from the back of the volume. This makes it easier to remove individual recitals from the bound volume.

  • The threads on the outside edge of the first recital are cut and glue can is trimmed if needed.

  • Approximately five or six individual recitals can be pulled from the volume.

  • Additional glue is trimmed and thread cut as the process is repeated every five or six recitals.

  • After all recitals have been removed from the binding, all recitals are kept in original order and stored inside the case they were bound in. The recitals are then placed in an archival box.

  • Each individual recital is scanned. After they are scanned, they are placed in a folder marked “scanned” inside the same box where they were originally pulled from.

  • When scanning is complete, the physical recitals will stored in the Woodson Research Center (WRC).







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