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Subjects for Shepherd performances

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Assign performance types based on following information provided on program. Assign only one subject per item. Additional subjects can be added as needed.


dc.subject Printed on Program
Graduate recital ()

Advanced Recital

Master's Recital

Doctoral Recital

Artist Diploma Recital

Undergraduate recital ()

Qualifying Recital

Junior Recital

Senior Recital

Undergraduate and graduate recital () For recitals where both undergraduate and graduate students are featured
Guest artist recital

Guest Artist Series

Distinguished Alumni Series

Visiting Artist Recital

Alumni Recital

Guest Artist Lecture-Recital

Guest artist lecture

Guest Artist Lecture-Recital

Graduate lecture-recital

Graduate Lecture-Recital

Doctoral Lecture-Recital

Faculty lecture-recital Lecture-Recital (with faculty member names)
Faculty recital

Faculty Artist Series

Faculty Chamber Music Concert

Children concerts Young People's Concert
Ensemble For performances presented by:
  • Campanile Orchestra (*)
  • Rice Chorale (*)
  • Shepherd School of Music Opera Theater
  • Shepherd Society
Ensemble Included as part of title:
  • String Showcase
  • Chamber Music Recitals
  • Shepherd Singers
  • Shepherd School Symphony Orchestra
  • Jazz Ensemble  
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Presidential Concert
  • Class 
Guest artist recital For performances presented by:
          Houston Friends of Music, Inc.
Class Recital 



(*) can be both part of title or in dc.description 

(†) Recital given in partial fulfillment of the requirements for degree. 

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